Sauna Room Benching

Benches & Skirting…overwhelmingly the most important wood structures in any sauna room. Not only do they make for comfortable and safe sauna bathing, but they define the natural wood beauty that is the essence of sauna!

SteamSaunaBath offers a wide array of benching and skirting options to assist you in customizing the exact sauna room comfort and look within your budget. From solid, aesthetically appealing Luxury benching to sleek, shallow depth designs, the SteamSaunaBath Custom Sauna Configurator offers every appropriate combination for your environment. Consider the following benching and skirting options for your custom sauna room:

24" Solid Support Cedar Benching
(with optional Designer Wall-Mounted Backrest)

Solid Support Cedar Benching is constructed of 1”x 4” Cedar and is available in 16”, 20” and 24” depths. Handsomely designed for strength and style, Solid Support Benching has been a standard for over 30 years.

24" Deluxe Cedar Benching
(with optional Deluxe Wall-Mounted Backrest)

Deluxe Cedar Benching is constructed of thicker 2” x 4” Cedar boards and is also available in 16”, 20” and 24” depths. Deluxe Cedar Benching is built to the standards of commercial use and is the immediate attention-getter of any size sauna room.

Luxury Cedar Benching
(with optional Designer Wall-Mounted Backrest)

Luxury Cedar Benching, similar to Deluxe Benching, is constructed of the same 2” x 4” Cedar fastened to a 2” x 4” cedar frame, however, contains a bottom bench twice as deep as any other which spans the complete distance to the sauna room back wall. This inviting and stately benching configuration allows for enhanced bottom bench bathing and eliminates the view beneath the lower sauna bench for a truly distinctive sauna bathing environment!

Optional Bench Skirting
(with 20" Deep Solid Support Cedar Bench)

Consider optional Bench Skirting when looking to enhance the function and appeal of Solid Support or Deluxe Benching systems. Available as an option, bench Skirting is constructed of 1” x 4” Cedar and spans the gap between the lower and upper benches. SteamSaunaBath highly recommends this feature, which will act as a backrest for the bather who enjoys the lower bench as well as eliminate the view of the sauna room floor/back corner.

When selecting your sauna benching and skirting, SteamSaunaBath suggests beginning by looking at your budget. As all three benching systems, (Solid Support, Deluxe and Luxury) will perform exceedingly well, choose the design or depth that looks and sounds appealing with an eye on the bottom line. The SteamSaunaBath team has tested every conceivable bench size, depth and configuration and, although they each provide for an enjoyable sauna bathing experience, the unanimous consensus is that the deeper the bench and more massive the structure, the better bathing comfort and ambiance!
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