Fanatic Sauna Room Accessory Collection, Bathology

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Fanatic Sauna Room Accessory Collection, Bathology

The sauna bather who wants it all…comfortable, precise and everything nice!

The Sauna Fanatic arrangement affords the bather the best sauna bathing gear! Our group of SteamSaunaBath sauna bathing fanatics voted on their sauna accessory favorites. The result…a sauna bathing package that dreams are made of! Your family and friends will never forget the experience!


  • Wooden Pail w/ Stainless Steel Insert- Holds water while sauna bathing
  • Wooden Ladle- For pouring water over sauna stones
  • Deluxe Headrest- Durable reclined head/neck comfort
  • Thermometer/Hygrometer- Displays sauna room temperature & humidity
  • Digital Thermometer- Digitally displays sauna room temperature outside the sauna
  • Clothes/Towel Hanger, 3-peg- Keeps clothes and towels clean, outside the sauna
  • Clothes/Towel Hanger, 4-peg- Keeps clothes and towels clean and dry, inside the sauna
  • Sand Timer- Notification of sauna bath duration
  • Leg Rest- For extra leg comfort
  • Sauna Sign- Show it off proudly
  • Backrest- For enhanced bathing comfort
  • Menthol Crystals- Delivers indescribable sauna bathing experiences
  • Aroma 6-pack- Aroma bathing pleasure (Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary Mint, Relaxation, Energizing Synergy & Breath)