K60 Control Package, Amerec

K60 Control Package, Amerec

When installed with an Amerec AK Series residential steam bath generator, this top of the line Amerec temperature control utilizes an easy-to-use membrane touch pad to maintain the steam bath environment.  Suitable for inside or outside the steam/shower enclosure, the surface-mounted K60 control offers time and temperature settings capability, on/off and pause modes combined with a digital display for sophisticated steam bathing control and pleasure.  Complete with matching finish Comfort Flo steam head.

For the convenience of steam bathing control from both inside and outside the steam/shower enclosure, consider the DK60/30 Dual Control Package.

Product SpecificationsK60 Control Package, Amerec
Shipping Weight (Lbs.)3 lbs
DC Voltage5V DC
Control "Rough In" Cut Out2-3/8" Diameter
Control Sensor Cable25', 2 Conductor, 22 AWG, Shielded Cable
Control Sensor "Rough In" Cut Out7/8" Diameter
Generator Control Connection8 Pin, Snap-In Connector
Generator Control Cable25', 8 Conductor, 28 AWG, Shielded Cable
Width In Inches3-1/4"
Depth In Inches1-3/8"
Height In Inches3-1/4"