K60 Control Package, Amerec

K60 Control Package, Amerec

When installed with an Amerec AK Series residential steam bath generator, this top of the line Amerec temperature control utilizes an easy-to-use membrane touch pad to maintain the steam bath environment.� Suitable for inside or outside the steam/shower enclosure, the surface-mounted K60 control offers time and temperature settings capability, on/off and pause modes combined with a digital display for sophisticated steam bathing control and pleasure.� Complete with matching finish Comfort Flo steam head.

For the convenience of steam bathing control from both inside and outside the steam/shower enclosure, consider the DK60/30 Dual Control Package.

Product SpecificationsK60 Control Package, Amerec
Shipping Weight (Lbs.)3 lbs
DC Voltage5V DC
Control "Rough In" Cut Out2-3/8" Diameter
Control Sensor Cable25', 2 Conductor, 22 AWG, Shielded Cable
Control Sensor "Rough In" Cut Out7/8" Diameter
Generator Control Connection8 Pin, Snap-In Connector
Generator Control Cable25', 8 Conductor, 28 AWG, Shielded Cable
Width In Inches3-1/4"
Depth In Inches1-3/8"
Height In Inches3-1/4"