Deluxe Total Sense Spa Package, Steamist

Deluxe Total Sense Spa Package, Steamist

When you want it all�this Deluxe Total Sense Spa Package by Steamist provides everything you need for the finest in luxury steam bathing!

Designed for use with Steamist TSG Series residential steam bath generators, the TSSP requires the use of a TSC digital operating control. The TSA AromaSense module mounts in a remote location and adds fragrant essential oil blends into the steam room. Capable of storing two different essential oil blend canisters (sold separately), the TSA offers a user selection of fragrance. The TSCH ChromaSense fixture can be installed anywhere in the bathroom or steam/shower. Utilizing LED lights, the ChromaSense fixture provides mood lighting and white light. The TSMU AudioSense features a built in amplifier and two audio inputs, this module is equipped with a wireless receiver. The AudioSense Speakers provide full range sound to your steam bathing or wet environment. Once installed, they will deliver your favorite sounds and assist in creating the ideal bathing environment. Choose from the TSS-CL "Classic" set of two exposed speakers or the TSS-IN "Invisible" set of four speakers, which mount out of sight and transmit sound through the wall.

Consider the TSTR optional matching finish light fixture trim ring to complete your decor.