AutoFlush® Automatic Drain System, Mr.Steam

MS 81500E
AutoFlush® Automatic Drain System, Mr.Steam

Automatic draining is available on any Mr.Steam MS-E or SUPER-E Series residential steam generator with the installation of this motorized, electronically operated drain valve. After each steam bathing experience, the steam generator contents will automatically drain by gravity, leaving the tank empty for next use.


  • 24 Volts AC motorized actuation, 50/60 Hz, 6.5 Watts, Class 2
  • Two position, normally open
  • Brass valve body with 1/2” NPT connections
  • 2-Pin integral electrical lead with “plug-in” electrical connection
  • Gravity drain

Product SpecificationsAutoFlush® Automatic Drain System, Mr.Steam
ModelMS 81500E
Shipping Weight (Lbs.)6 lbs
AC Voltage24V AC
DC Voltage24V DC
Generator Steam Line Connection1/2” NPT
Drain Connection1/2” NPT
Generator Control Connection3-Pin Plug-In Connector
Generator Control Cable21-1/2", 2 Conductor, 18 AWG, Shielded Cable
Width In Inches3-1/4" Not Including Mounting Fittings
Depth In Inches2-1/2"
Height In Inches4-1/4"