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Title: best way to slope a ceiling in steam shower
Post by: Ingria on September 07, 2010, 06:48:25 PM
Which is the best way to slope a ceiling?  I have read that it should be sloped 1-2" per foot, but can you pitch it from the center and have it slope either side, or is one single slope best.  What does your company recommend? ???

Title: Re: best way to slope a ceiling in steam shower
Post by: Misty on September 28, 2010, 11:56:52 AM
Steam bath equipment manufacturers have inconsistently documented residential steam room ceiling slope requirements.  Some claim 1" and others suggest 2" per lineal foot.  Our installation specialists have conducted their own independent testing.  In fact, one of our technicians, to prove his point, purposely built a ceramic tile steam room with no ceiling slope in his own home.  He states that after a half hour steam bathing session, ceiling condensation droplets do appear, but it takes a whopping 46 minutes for them to start falling!  He concludes that since the average steam bath is under 20 minutes, droplets are not an issue in a ceramic tile, residential steam room! Note: As there are varying tile and installation methods which impact heat and steam differently, it is important to note that individual results may vary.

SteamSaunaBath advises that if you desire to eliminate the chance for condensation droplets falling during a steam shower bath, slope the steam room ceiling as much as you can up to a 2" maximum per lineal foot.  Aesthetically, it is best to slope down starting from the door wall in most cases. Please consult a Steam Shower Construction Specialist ( for further details on ceiling slope or steam room construction. We love to assist our customers on their steam shower projects!