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Title: Sliding Door on Steam Shower
Post by: Randallsg on January 14, 2014, 02:26:23 PM
I am considering the use of a sliding door system as part of a build for a steam shower.  Space is tight and this would solve quite a few problems.

I realize that a sliding door system can not seal as tight as a hinged/pivot.  Have you seen this used successfully before? 

Thanks, Randall

Title: Re: Sliding Door on Steam Shower
Post by: Lexi on January 24, 2014, 07:31:53 AM
Absolutely!  There are several options on our website for sliding glass doors ( which are specifically fabricated for use with a steam shower environment.

A vapor proof swing (hinged) door is the most common type of door installed in a steam shower. Consider one or two side panels if more glass is desired, or the addition of a hinged top panel for effective, post-steam bath, ventilation. When considering a swing door for your environment, realize that for safety reasons, this door must always open out.
A vapor proof sliding door is less frequently installed, however, equally effective! Consider sliding doors for the generous lighting they afford, flexibility & ease of steam shower entry and convenience of post-steam bathroom ventilation. For the finishing touch, designer frame finishes ( and glass patterns ( should be selected to achieve the desired look.