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Title: Steam Shower Ceiling Height
Post by: Megan on January 30, 2009, 08:06:37 AM

I am in the process of building a steam shower in my home.  I have read your steam shower design tool (very helpful) and notice you recommend a ceiling height between 7' and 8'.  My ceiling is 10' and it would be hard to change this height without major renovation.  It is possible to have a steam shower with a ten foot ceiling height?  Would my room take a very long time to heat?

Title: Re: Steam Shower Ceiling Height
Post by: Hailey on February 03, 2009, 08:49:30 AM
A 10' high environment will require extra time to reach desired temperatures and will be unlikely to heat proportionately.  Additionally, it will be rather cool where you are sitting.  We all know heat rises and, consequently, as the steam enters the room it will rise to the ceiling and push the cooler air down leaving you "out in the cold".

Let me strongly recommend that you reevaluate the potential for lowering the ceiling height in your steam room.  Short of that, I would suggest two-tier benching to allow for a higher sitting point in the room.  This will provide the bather a way to sit higher up in the room and the heat.

Have your contractor read the Ceiling Height and Slope text in the Steam Shower Design Tool  ( ( and then call a Steam Bath Specialist to finalize your project.

If you do decide to keep the 10' height, properly sizing your generator for this application is critical!