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Title: I want my steam room at home just like the health club!
Post by: Dani on June 23, 2009, 11:52:57 AM
I am an adv-id bather and love the steam room at my health club. 

What would I need to reproduce the same thick foggy steam at home?  I get the heat but not the fog.  My contractor states we are sized appropriately yet we don't get the same type of an environment.  What is missing is the thick fog an the nice clean scent.

IF anyone knows of a way to bring the club environment home...


Title: Re: I want my steam room at home just like the health club!
Post by: Misty on June 23, 2009, 02:05:58 PM
We've got just what you need!  Let's start with the elusive thick fog...  Fog is created when hot meets cold.  The more expansive the different temperature surfaces, the thicker the fog.  Rooms made of natural stone or with lots of glass generally produce thicker fog.

Some additional ways to enhance the foggy experience would be to enter the steam shower right away after you turn the steam generator on - before the wall surfaces have time to heat up.  The introduction of water will also create fog, the cooler the water, the thicker the fog.  Turn on the shower, get creative, you get the idea.  Now for that incredible aroma...

There are two key steps to a delightful smelling steam shower.  First, be sure to clean the steam shower with a product designed for these high moisture, high heat environments such as Steam Room Cleaner (

Second,  introduce Essential Oils ( into your steam shower for an amazing experience.  This can be introduced by misting the aroma into the steam or by installing an Aroma Pump System (  The pump injects the oil directly into the steam line where it is atomized into your steam shower.  These 3 products, all designed specifically for use in steam showers, can be found in use in many clubs across the country. 

Title: Re: I want my steam room at home just like the health club!
Post by: Dani on July 30, 2009, 01:27:07 PM
Thanks for the great information. Links are good source of information but I am still a bit confused on how to proceed.

 I do a few more questions on this subject.  Which manufacturer do clubs use the most and will I need to change or modify the existing system we have get the same type of experience?  If not what is the difference between at home and club rooms?


Title: Re: I want my steam room at home just like the health club!
Post by: Misty on September 11, 2009, 08:01:49 PM
Most health clubs use commercial equipment which is not intended for home use.  Without knowing what equipment you have, it would be difficult to say if any changes to your existing equipment is necessary.  As long as you have selected one of the industry leading manufacturers, such as Amerec, Mr Steam, Steamist, and ThermaSol, you should end up with an even better experience than the one at your club.  The reason for this is that, at home, you can personalize the environment to your preferences - health clubs must satisfy many bathers and don't allow for user modification of the environments.