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Title: Thermasol Pro-240
Post by: ShellCh4ri on May 16, 2012, 11:44:22 AM
After researching Thermasol's Pro-240 steam generator, I noticed it is available in 240V, 1PH and there is no mention of it being used in a 208V, 1PH application.  Can the pro-240 be used in 208V,1PH application and if so, would it operate at less capacity and would that affect the sizing of the system?

Title: Re: Thermasol Pro-240
Post by: Earl on May 17, 2012, 11:38:55 AM
I had to dig a bit on this one. We know that any 240V generator can run on 208V with the resulting 15% decrease in efficiency.
Note: keep in mind the reverse will not work. you cannot operate a 208V generator using 240V.
So the question is does the room sizing specifications change. With the Thermasol generator the answer is no. The generating capacity will be reduced from 10,000 watts to 8,500 watts but since Thermasol uses a different sizing calculation than most other manufacturers the actual capacity of the generator is in most cases well beyond the capacity you would need in normal situations. Plus the Fast start and continuous operation of the generator will pretty much overcome the decrease in efficiency.
As always if in doubt or concerned call the pros at SSB and they will assist you.
Just to be safe remember "if they size it, they guaranty it.

Title: Re: Thermasol Pro-240
Post by: Bernard on May 17, 2012, 11:12:13 PM
Electrically, a steam generator rated to operate at 240VAC 1-Phase will indeed operate at the reduced voltage of 208VAC 1-Phase.  The generator will function just fine, however, as Earl says, at a decrease steam producing capacity.  This will not harm the steam generator, but may impact steam generator sizing.

From the manufacturer's perspective, Thermasol approves the use of 208VAC electric on their 240VAC steam generators.  Most manufacturers do this for residential steam generators as the demand for 208VAC 1-Phase operation is quite low.  De-rating the generator's steam capacity has proved to be much simpler for 208VAC applications.

When faced with a 208VAC electric project, it is often best to reach out to an expert to ensure the proper equipment selection.