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Title: Thermasol vs Kohler steam generators
Post by: Gert on June 23, 2009, 03:02:26 PM
Dear Forum members,

This is my first forum entry, as I am slightly behind in technology. Please be patient with me.

I am hoping that you can help me. I want to install steam in my bathroom, and I have looked into two different brands that were recommended to me - Kohler and Thermasol.

Can you give me some information on these brands, as I am trying to make a decision soon, so I can allocate funds.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Title: Re: Thermasol vs Kohler steam generators
Post by: Lexi on June 24, 2009, 08:30:32 AM
Selecting the generator that is right for you is based on numerous factors, some of which are personal preference.

I highly recommend you speak with a specialist regarding your unique installation to make your decision.  Try a Project Specialist (http://www.steamsaunabath.com/catalog/project_coordinator.php) at 800.707.2862.

Title: Re: Thermasol vs Kohler steam generators
Post by: Gert on July 14, 2009, 02:42:49 PM
Thanks, Lexi.

I spoke to a person at the number you gave me, and they were very helpful.

I have another question, though. I like the Thermasol steam generator and all of the complimentary products that they have (I never knew there were so many options!), but when I mentioned this to my husband, he said that his boss told him that he had a Thermasol, and that it kept having an error on his control, and would not make steam anymore.

I'm really worried that I will get a lemon. Any info on how reliable they are or if they have any issues in general?


Title: Re: Thermasol vs Kohler steam generators
Post by: Lexi on August 21, 2009, 10:04:28 AM
Thermasol has been making steam generators for 50 years and has a reputation for making a high quality and reliable product. Their premium generators carry a 2-3 year in home warranty and a “lifetime, no questions asked” in factory parts and labor warranty.

As with any product, if a problem arises you should always start with two steps:
1.  Read the Operating/Owner's Manual, they usually provide troubleshooting tips.
2.  Reach out to the manufacturer's customer service department or the place that you purchased the item from for assistance.

Have your husband's boss check this link (http://www.steamsaunabath.com//catalog/index.php?cPath=64_67&sort=5a&filter_id=24) to see if his control is listed.  If so, you will find a link to the Operating/Owner's Manual on the product page for him to begin troubleshooting.

Title: Re: Thermasol vs Kohler steam generators
Post by: Gert on September 02, 2009, 09:13:27 AM
He has the "Elite" control. Do I have to use it, too, or can I get a signature control? The other control doesn't look very modern, and we are going with a European look in our house.

Title: Re: Thermasol vs Kohler steam generators
Post by: Lexi on October 05, 2009, 10:24:15 AM
Yes!  You can get the Signature control (http://steamsaunabath.com/catalog/advanced_search_result.php?manufacturers_id=24&keywords=signature+series+control+packa).  This is one of ThermaSol's new generation of operating controls offering an updated look and enhanced functionality.  These new controls come in 2 styles, Traditional and Contemporary, and 14 designer finishes to more closely coordinate with your overall decor.

The Elite control is still available as a replacement control.

Title: Re: Thermasol vs Kohler steam generators
Post by: Bernard on December 30, 2012, 11:03:39 AM
For the record, the Kohler steam bath generator is currently made by Thermasol and was previously made by Amerec and MrSteam.  Kohler has steered clear of steam bath generator manufacturing and has left it to the the top brands due to the uniqueness of the products. 

Distribution of Kohler bath steam generators is vast as it they are available in most every notable decorative plumbing showroom.  Prospective bathers most often rely on the faucet brand's recognition to make their steam shower generator purchase.  Bathers should do their homework and consider the fantastic innovations available today from leading steam bath manufacturers.

Many report service related concerns with the current Kohler products as the method of repair is time consuming leaving the bather without steam for a month or more.  As technology advances, local in-home service and repairs are vital to the support the steam bather's needs.

In the end, the most important consideration when selecting a steam bath generator is where you buy it from (their steam bath generator system expertise) and the relationship they have with their steam bath generator manufacturers.