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Title: Steam generator installation location AK6
Post by: xny1989 on September 26, 2011, 02:30:43 PM
I'm considering the Amerec AK6 steam generator for my steam shower.    The installation instructions indicate a need for a minimum of 7 cubic feet for the generator.

I'm considering installing the generator in a hollow unused space alongside my shower that is  a 1-foot thick by 32 inch wide by 8 foot tall.  I'm considering having the generator installed in the upper portion of this space to allow construction of a door for future access to the generator (the lower part of this space has the toiler alongside so future access would be very limited.  In addition, I'm planning to include the auto flush option.

Is this space acceptable?  In addition, can the auto flush and pressure relief valve be plumbed into the existing drain line downstream of the shower drain, and would they need a trap installed to prevent sewer gas migration?

A last question about the steam shower walls.  I've recently been introduced to the Schluter system, which uses a vapor barrier installed over sheetrock onto which the porcelain tile would be installed.  Would use of cement backer board for the full wall and ceiling over which the porcelain tile would be installed be sufficient?
Thank you

Title: Re: Steam generator installation location AK6
Post by: Jennifer on September 26, 2011, 03:39:45 PM
Very good questions and nice to see you doing research.  Way too often, steam generators are installed in areas without any access or very minimal access.

The plumbing and electrical side (left side) of the generator require a minimum width of 13".

The generator itself is 16-1/2" W x 6-1/4"D x 13"H
The width would become 16-1/2" + 13" for a total minimum of 30" width
You will want space above the 13" height so the generator cover can be removed to access the PC Board and control jacks.

Yes, the drain and PRV can be piped to access the same drain line but as far as location and trap, we acquiesce to the plumber in your area.  These are gravity drains.

For the steam line, you will want to keep that within 20' of the shower and pitch it 1/4" per foot towards the steam room or towards the generator so that condensation runs out the steam head of back into steam generator tank.

Cement board (DuraRock) has become the latest preference of tile professionals since it is more durable than the previous green board.
And looking at Schluter system is a good idea.
We have thoroughly tested and sell a produce called Mapelastic AquaDefense Waterproofing Membrane that you paint.  In the end, we would acquiesce to the tile professional.

Good Luck and Keep The Heat On