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Title: Coasts steamer service help needed
Post by: Emily on July 08, 2009, 05:49:12 PM
I have a steam generator made by Coasts, model KS-90.
I purchased it about 2 years ago and have made it through 2 winters.
Now it is continually running water out of the steam head.
I am in need of service or info on where I can get parts for this unit.
Can anyone help?  I really miss my steam.

Title: Re: Coasts steamer service help needed
Post by: Misty on July 16, 2009, 08:49:06 PM
These generators are manufactured in China and the service contacts are in China.  I believe the company offers a 12-month limited warranty which does not include shipping costs.  Their warranty indicates that parts will be made available for purchase at the time of your initial order.

The steam bath generators Coasts offers are rather brazen knockoffs of the industry leaders you will find here in the U.S., rather like "Ear Jordan" gym shoes or "Cuckoo Chanel" handbags.  Check out this customer testimonial on Coast Steamers (,65.0.html).

I would recommend you look into replacement rather than repair.  Talk to a Steam Bath Specialist ( who can help you select quality equipment and provide product support you can count on.