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Title: steam button inside the shower?
Post by: Brad on January 07, 2010, 06:41:11 PM
We bought a home last month which was built 9 years ago; that has a steamist in the master shower.

The timer is on the outside and is just a normal minutes timer (machanical) with a button in the shower and a steam generator head in the bottom of the shower.

Originally the 240 breaker was blown during the home inspection this was repaired by the seller. The breaker does not blow but the steamer does not seem to work either.

What is the purpose of the button in the shower. When pressed it goes into the wall and slowly comes back out about 1/2 inch into the shower. Is this a start / stop button along with the timer? How do I know the current status of the shower - on or off? Is it controlled strickly by the mechanical timer or by the button in the shower?

What should I consider in operating this or trouble shooting this problem?


Title: Re: steam button inside the shower?
Post by: Jennifer on July 29, 2011, 03:20:44 PM
The mechanical timer outside the shower is the main control to operate your steam generator.
The button on the inside (Air Switch) is used kinda of like a "Pause" button or a safety shutoff.

Since the Mechanical Timer is 120 Volts, it could not be installed inside.
The Air Switch has no voltage so this was installed in your setup as a safety, or even a convenience to turn the shower off instead of waiting for the timer to count down.

To troubleshoot, turn on the Mechanical Timer and then push the Air Switch to see if the steam starts.  The downside with the air switch is there is no visual indicator that it is in the on or off position.