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Title: Converting a existing shower into steam room- design questions
Post by: Henry on August 16, 2013, 08:42:53 PM
Hi, I have decided to convert my existing shower into a steam room, and I would appreciate any comment/ suggestions/ recommendations on the questions below.
The existing shower is 5'0" X 3'2" X 8'8" with a front glass door 2'3" X 6'8", a small window at the back side, a fan on the ceiling, ceramic tiles on all walls and paint on the ceiling. Non-modified room volume is 137 cu-ft
I have planned to install the generator on the attic above the shower and I don't expect any major problem
Here are my questions/ concerns:
1) Steam generator size: As my choice went to Thermasol PRO serie, I went to their web site and they recommend model PRO-240 which is 10 KW good for 300-450 cu-ft room. I know the high ceiling requires to oversize the generator somehow, but still I am wondering if a 8 KW good for 150-300 cu-ft is sufficient (my existing room is 138 cu-ft). The difference in price between the 2 models is around $300 and I would prefer to spend it elsewhere if I don't need the bigger model.
2) Existing glass door: This door swing back and forth and has a small gap around it. My question is: is it possible to air-tight the existing door rather than to buy a new steam glass door ($$$)? If so, where can I find people who can do this?
3) What are the options regarding the existing fan ? Air-tight (how?), remove? I don't think I need a fan because I already have a window.
4) Existing window: any precaution needed to prevent future condensation problem?
Thank you very much