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Title: Issues with sauna heat stratification
Post by: pattyobrien3 on November 14, 2014, 10:57:30 AM
I've installed my own sauna as part of a basement remodel, and I'm pleased with the installation in general, but I have noticed a significant heat stratification issue, and I'm not sure how to address it. 

Essentially, the heat rises, as it does, to the top, (~6.5 foot tall sauna) but the bench is only about 2.5 feet above the floor.  So my head and chest are pretty hot, midsection is warm, and my legs and feet are cold.  I'd estimate there's a ~40 degree difference from my head to my feet, which is a bit odd.  When I stand up, I notice that the ceiling is nice and warm, but it's mostly wasted, as I can't hang from the ceiling.     

So, I'm wondering how to get the nice, hot air hanging out at the top circulated around.  I do have vents in the sauna, but I'm keeping them closed, as I don't think fresh (cold) air circulating is going to help anything. 

I'm considering installing a fan at the top to blow the warm air down, but I'm not sure if fans are a good idea to put in a sauna. 

I could always build the benches up a bit higher, as I've seen that done before, but that's not really addressing the stratification issue - I'm simply raising myself up to a higher temperature area. 

So, what is the best way to address heat stratification in a sauna?