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Title: Upsizing a Sauna heater
Post by: dannicash on August 24, 2012, 09:05:30 AM
I have a customer whose room is 690 cu.ft.. The properly sized sauna heater for this application would be the Amerec PRO12.0.  My client is insisting we order him a Amerec PRO14.4.  Are there any issues with ordering a slightly larger sauna heater than what is required?

Title: Re: Upsizing a Sauna heater
Post by: Alex on August 24, 2012, 10:47:20 AM
On first glance you would think it is not an issue since the Pro 12.0 is rated between 510-740 cubic feet and the 14.4 is rated for 630-950 cubic feet, while the area you need heated is 630 cubic feet which falls in line with either heater. However there is another part to the equation and that is the square foot of the floor.
The 12kw heater requires at least 63 sq. ft. floor area which i will assume you have but the 14.4 kw heater needs at least 78 sq. ft. of floor area. (both requiring max. 96" ceiling height)
If the heater is too large for the floor area it will tend to overheat quickly setting off the hi-limit which will automatically shut down the heater. Thus other than the hot spot over the heater the rest of the sauna will never get hot.

Conversely if the heater is too small it will need to run continuously to heat the room (if it heats the room) and will be more costly in terms of electrical usage.