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Title: Kohler K-1733 Control Board Faulty? - How to test? - UPDATED/SOLVED
Post by: nanookvd on February 22, 2014, 08:36:03 AM
About 4 years ago, I installed a 9kw Kohler steam generation unit K-1733 with the K-1647 controller.  I did an initial test and everything worked fine.  I had not used it since then as I've been waiting to install the steam doors.

I attempted to use it recently and the control unit will not turn on when I press the power button.

I verified 240V is being supplied to the generator and the unit is warm to the touch. (preheated water for the fast response).

I need to verify:

1. Is the control board generating 5VDC to the RJ12 connection?
2. Verify if I have 5VDC coming into the controller?

Any help would be appreciated!  Thank You

Has anyone had this problem and/or know how to diagnose (verify the 5VDC) output?

3/1/14 - I read some posts about all the hassles of having to pay a plumber to remove the unit and send back to the factory.  Problem seemed to be only electrical in nature so I cut the power and pulled the service panel on the generator.  Did some basic electrical checks on the PCB (printed circuit board) and removed it.  Found out the transformer was the culprit.  Replaced the transformer and the unit is ready to go :)   

Contact me if this is your problem.  I have a couple extra transformers to sell.