Bathology PreciseTemp 320

Digital Steam/Sauna Room Thermometer


One-of-a-kind digital thermometer by Bathology!

The Bathology PreciseTemp 320 Digital Steam/Sauna Room Thermometer is designed to simplify steam and sauna room operation and provide bathers the information they need to make informed decisions regarding the environments they bathe in.

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Consider the benefits and value of installing the Bathology exterior-mounted stainless steel thermometer:

  • Bathers benefit by knowing the room temperature before they enter;
  • Operators enjoy walk-by environment monitoring;
  • Owners reduce liability by providing bathing temperatures prior to entry;
  • Attendants save time reacting to nuisance temperature or operation complaints;
  • Operators save time troubleshooting environment operating concerns;
  • + or 1 Degree accuracy and displays Fahrenheit or Celsius;
  • Club can post or promote environment operating temperature standards;
  • No guessing, a low or high reading indicates a concern; and
  • Simplifies women's locker bathing environment troubleshooting.

Simple to install in most any bathing environment, the surface-mounted, small-scale PreciseTemp 320 contains a stainless steel body and 2-5/8" diameter impact-resistant, clear plastic face. Solar powered with a battery back-up circuit for low-light installations, the PreciseTemp 320 contains a 96" sensor tether and stainless steel sensor guard for steam or sauna environment mounting.

Consider the PreciseTemp 410 interior-mounted sauna room thermometer to provide convenient, reliable and constant bathing temperature awareness.

  • Solar powered
  • Battery back-up circuit
  • Small-scale design
  • Digits height is .4"
  • Stainless steel body
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • + Or 1 degree accuracy
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius readout
  • Range is -52 degrees F to 320 degrees F
  • Small-scale, low profile stainless steel sensor guard
  • 96" Sensor tether
  • Bather education prior to entry
  • Walk-by operator monitoring
  • Reduced liability
  • Time savings for attendants and operators
  • Facilitates environment troubleshooting
  • Promotes environment operating temperature standards
  • Simplifies women's locker bathing environment troubleshooting
  • Digital Thermometer with tethered sensor, 3-1/2" diameter
  • Sensor guard, stainless steel, 5-1/8"W x 2-3/8"H x 1-1/4"D
  • (3) Solid wall anchors with anti-rotation fins, AF5 Alligator, flangeless, full length extrusion
  • (3) Stainless steel sheet metal screws, Phillips 1" #6 Pan, Type A point, thread size 18
  • Sensor screw mount
  • Sensor tie
  • RTV silicone sealant, .5 oz tube
  • Mounting template
  • Installation and operation manual
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Model PreciseTemp 320
Shipping Weight 5 lbs
Material Stainless steel body with clear plastic face
Depth 1"
Diameter 3-1/2"
Sensor Cable 96" Tethered (non-spliceable)
Sensor Guard Dimensions 5-1/8"W x 1-1/4"D x 2-3/8"H
Battery G-13A, 1.5V, Button Cell