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Fire Hazard

Fire Hazard Next - Sauna Room Performance & Safety Issues
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Can you find the fire hazard inside this sauna? Is this sauna inviting to you? Our fire hazard is where we find a pair of swimming trucks sitting by the sauna heater. Perhaps the caution sign is placed too high. As far as inviting, this is a nice looking sauna it just needs a little TLC on the lower bench. The lower bench looks as it does due to the fact that lower benches are where we place our feet. It collects body oils, sweat, and water if the bather enters after coming from a swimming pool or shower. The health club could keep the lower bench refreshed by first sanding the grim and then implementing a cleaning procedure with Accurate Industries sauna cleaner and periodic sanding's.

Tags: sauna, fire hazard

Equipment utilized in this environment

Brand: Amerec
Model: Pro Series
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