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Spend a little money on maintenance now, save more later

Spend a little money on maintenance now, save more later Next - Neglected Commercial Steam Generator packed with lime
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Maintenance headaches be gone! This commercial steam generator is approximately 11 years old and has been on a very routine maintenance program. Through the years, the health club agreed to enhancements to help reduce down time and service call dollars. The “Y” strainer on the steam pipe coming out of the boiler prior to the steam solenoid valve has reduced the lime pushed by pressure from the tank, protecting the solenoid. This enhancement helped reduce steam solenoid related maintenance costs. Then the AromaMist Essential Oil Delivery System was added to enhance the steam room environment for bathers as it now has a fresh clean smell. And most recently, a water conditioning system was added, Scale Out System (SOS). Since this health club location gets hard water from the city, the SOS helps condition the water to assist in reducing lime buildup. This health club clearly sees how it can help save money, satisfy management and maintenance staff with reduced down time, and provide eucalyptus steam showers to please the club members.

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Equipment utilized in this environment

Brand: Mr.Steam
Model: CU750
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