6.7KW Heater w/ Built-In Dial Controls, 175-252 ACF, Mr.Steam

6.7KW Heater w/ Built-In Dial Controls, 175-252 ACF, Mr.Steam
Discontinued by manufacturer
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SPA Series Sauna Heaters

The ultimate in innovative heater design, Mr Sauna® heaters generate gentle, penetrating, and moisturizing "soft heat." A large, deep rock container maximizes contact between the rocks and the industry's largest heating elements for safe, efficient heating. An angled drip pan routes the water and, most important, cool-to-the-touch thermo-flocking and triple-wall construction on models SA1 - SA8 heaters provide added insulation and safety. This combination of design features result in quick, humidity-rich, unwavering heating performance while maintaining safety with a cool exterior.

For home use or smaller commercial sauna rooms . . . with stainless steel heating elements, special thermo-flocking exterior finish, and triple-wall construction for a cool-to-touch surface. Universal mounting brackets allow for flat wall or corner installation. 30# rock capacity. Available from 1.7KW up to 7.6KW.

Product Specifications6.7KW Heater w/ Built-In Dial Controls, 175-252 ACF, Mr.Steam
Minimum Adjusted Cubic Feet176
Maximum Adjusted Cubic Feet252
Kilowatt Rating (KW)6.7 KW
Shipping Weight (Lbs.)50 lbs
Operating Voltage240V AC
PhaseSingle Phase
Nominal Amperage28 Amps
Recommended Protective Device40 Amp
Recommended Minimum Copper Wire Supply8 AWG
Width In Inches14.5"
Depth In Inches11"
Height In Inches24"