PreciseTemp Digital Thermometer - Gift 2

PreciseTemp Digital Thermometer - Gift 2
Precise monitoring of the sauna bathing environment is the best way to maximize your sauna experience. Exact temperature readings are an invaluable part of calibrating your sauna heater & control and optimizing the bathing environment.

Mounted outside the sauna room, the PreciseTemp Digital Thermometer is solar-powered with a lithium battery back-up and will provide years of reliable accuracy. Operational in either Fahrenheit or Celsius and accurate to +/- 1 degree, this handsome stainless steel thermometer is an essential component for every sauna room and compliments of SteamSaunaBath…our way of saying THANKS!

  • 3-1/2" diameter mounting flange
  • +/- 1-degree accuracy
  • Solar powered
  • Lithium battery back-up
  • 10' sensor lead
  • Stainless steel sensor cover
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius operation