Steam Bath Aroma Bathing System, AromaMist

Steam Bath Aroma Bathing System, AromaMist

Steam bathing will never be the same!

Simple to install and easy to operate, the AromaMist Aroma Bathing System is truly an aroma bathing marvel.

Installed out-of-sight and near your steam bath generator, the AromaMist pump will mist Eucalyptus or your favorite aroma directly into the steam line. No bottles, no mess and no waste! Simply activate the aroma switch, sit back and relax as your desired fragrance blends naturally with the steam to deliver your sensory vacation. Your 10 minute vacation

From a refreshing hint to a full-bodied aroma, nothing will top the bathing experience this SteamSaunaBath Steam Bathing Essential affords. When purchased with Eucalyptus, you will thank us for the recommendation as you breathe easily throughout your day!

Note: When purchasing an AromaMist Aroma Bath System, select a gallon of your favorite aroma. If you're uncertain of which fragrance you will like, SteamSaunaBath recommends selecting Eucalyptus, as it is the most commonly accepted and invigorating steam bathing experience available!

  • Microprocessor driven pump
  • Industrial grade components
  • 10-Minute "off" delay
  • On/Off low voltage aroma switch
  • Optional aroma tank

  • AromaMist pump, 120V
  • On/Off aroma switch
  • 25', 4-Pin, low voltage control cable
  • Power supply module
  • 1/2" Brass T
  • Injection valve
  • Suction foot valve
  • Ceramic weight
  • 20' 3/8" Suction/discharge tubing
  • 10' 3/8" Vinyl priming tubing
  • Installation manual

Product SpecificationsSteam Bath Aroma Bathing System, AromaMist
Shipping Weight (Lbs.)15 lbs
AC Voltage120V AC
PhaseSingle Phase
Nominal Amperage1 Amp
Recommended Protective Device15 Amp
Width In Inches4-1/4"
Depth In Inches10-1/4"
Height In Inches6-3/4"