Fitting Package for SM and TSG Series

Fitting Package for SM and TSG Series

Maximize your warranties!

Quality plumbing fittings are the first step to ensuring a TROUBLE-FREE installation!

No need for frequent trips searching for those special plumbing fittings…Accurate Industries has carefully selected and packaged the brass and copper couplers, nipples, valves and unions for a simple, maintainable and serviceable steam generator installation.

Use of these choice fittings will allow you to maximize your in-home, factory and SteamSaunaBath labor warranties! Limited Lifetime Labor Warranty!

Note: SteamSaunaBath recommends the use of 1/2" or 3/4" copper pipe for all water, steam, drain and safety valve lines and has provided for such with high-quality copper and brass components. Due to the price structure and nature of these bulk-packaged ingredients, leftover or unused pieces are not returnable.