Commercial Steam Bath Boiler / Generator Water Conditioning System, Bathology

ScaleOut 430
Commercial Steam Bath Boiler / Generator Water Conditioning System, Bathology

Simplified maintenance, reduced utility costs, and predictably pleasing bathing environments by Bathology!

Installing a Commercial Steam Bath Boiler / Generator Water Conditioning System is simply the most cost-effective enhancement to operating any steam bathing environment. Say goodbye to the negative effects of scale build-up and expect less generator downtime, extended heating element life, simplified preventative maintenance and a reduction in utility costs.

Lime Encrusted Commercial Steam Bath Generator Tank

Generator scale removal is absolutely critical to effectively managing the operating expenses associated with a well-balanced steam bathing environment. As water is flashed to steam within a steam generator�s vessel, mineral deposits are left to accumulate, coat and constrict essential water feed, sensor and drain systems which are vital to trouble-free operation. When water is left untreated, steam room operation will suffer in ways of operating costs, membership retention, and bather satisfaction. It is the removal of lime/scale and a predictably pleasing bathing environment that the ScaleOut 430 can ensure.

Simple to install, the ScaleOut 430 fits neatly into most any equipment room and is designed for the unique demands of your steam generator system. Utilizing an industry-leading low-volume water metering head, the ScaleOut 430 recognizes the small, erratic burst of steam generator make-up water, conserving on additive and water while removing up to 30,000 grains per metered regeneration.

NOTE: Additional Freight Charges May Apply.


  • Space saving, single tank design
  • Metered regeneration
  • Large capacity
  • Hydraulic balanced pistons
  • Advanced, 5-cycle, user-friendly control
  • Low water and additive consumption

Club Benefits

  • Reduced utility expenses
  • Predictable service expenditures
  • Reduced equipment downtime
  • Bathing safety
  • Equipment longevity
  • Satisfied bathing members

Steam Bather Benefits

  • Predictable and pleasing bathing experiences
  • Reduced bathing downtime
  • Bathing safety


  • Metering head with integral tank
  • 40 Pounds of additive
  • Installation and operation manual