Water Conditioning Cartridge, Pure 420/430, Steam Bath Part, Bathology

Pure 401
Water Conditioning Cartridge, Pure 420/430, Steam Bath Part, Bathology

Ideal steam bathing water by Bathology!

Preserve steam bath generator warranties, extend equipment life and enhance the steam bathing experience with Pure 401 water conditioning innovation.

Bathology Pure 401 Steam Bath Generator Water Conditioning Cartridges utilize a unique 3-stage blending process to provide the optimal water characteristics for steam bathing and steam generator equipment.

Featuring innovative ion exchange technology, stage one of Pure 401 cartridges reduces the damaging effects of steam generator tank/heating element calcium build-up. Stage two employs the benefits buffering to balance steam generator water PH (acidity). Stage three utilizes coconut carbon for ideal water filtration and to diminish the presence of chlorine from your steam bathing experience.

Rely on the innovative 3-stage technology of Pure 401 cartridges to extend the life of your steam bath equipment and ensure your steam bathing experience.

Note: Requires the installation of a Bathology Pure 420 or Pure 430 Steam Bath Generator Water Conditioning System.

IMPORTANT: Bathology 401 Cartridges are not for commercial use. See the Bathology ScaleOut 430 ScaleOut System for the demands of club steam bath generator equipment.

Benefits Features
  • Preserves steam bath generator warranties
  • Extends equipment life
  • Diminishes chlorine from the steam bathing experience
  • Reduces equipment scale/lime build-up
  • Water filtration
  • Ion exchange technology - scale reduction
  • Water buffering element - PH balance
  • Coconut carbon filtration � chlorine reduction
  • Iron and particulate removal

  • Conditioning cartridge, 3-stage
  • Installation and operation manual