Experiential Rain Bathing, Bathology

AquaTexture 310
Experiential Rain Bathing, Bathology

Discover the Splendor of Rain Bathing with Bathology!

Where ingenuity, craftsmanship, and water orchestration converge, you will discover the grandeur of AquaTexture Rain Bathing Systems.

AquaTexture 310 Experiential Rain Bathing

AquaTexture 310 puts water science to work in this small scale offering that can be used in any wet environment. Two ceiling sprays, a temperature control, and two volume controls combine to reinvent water texture technology.

Ceiling Sprays
AquaTexture 310 cracks nature's code and reproduces the marvel of mist and drizzle, where two unique ceiling sprays transcend the typical bathing experience. This system harnesses the magic of a gently falling mist and a cascading drizzle to indulge the senses. Childhood memories are the backdrop for this restorative experience as one unwinds beneath the ideal texture, pressure, and pattern...the essence of bathing in the rain.

Mist Ceiling SprayMist is the finest of the AquaTexture spray experiences. With a spray angle of 130�, this fixture produces minute airborne water particles to warm the air and caress the skin.

Drizzle Ceiling SprayDrizzle has been designed to mimic nature's finest rain. This spray creates small water droplets at a 70� angle for a gentle and more persistent sensory experience.

These two amazing ceiling sprays can be used alone or in concert with an overhead wall shower for an invigorating and rejuvenating contrast bathing experience.

Volume Control
Brass Volume Control ValveAquaTexture 310 comes to life with the activation of one of its two volume control valves, each serving one of the two rain sprays. Independent water flow from these 3/4" brass volume control valves allows each feature to benefit from customizable water volume, intensity, and texture. Releasing full volume produces the maximum spray while incrementally lowering capacity coaxes multiple patterns and intensities from each spray type. The bather is drawn to discover their own unique experiences resulting in endless bathing possibilities.

Temperature Control
Solid Brass Temperature Control ValveEngineered into every AquaTexture experience is the Bathology 3/4" temperature control valve. This precise and intuitive solid brass valve provides optimal water blending and flow to its complimentary system components. Elegant in its functional simplicity, the dial is faced with water temperature readings ranging from 70� to 120� Fahrenheit for absolute bathing comfort.

For even more rain bathing enchantment, consider AquaTexture 410 which includes all features above and adds an additional ceiling spray.


  • Two ceiling sprays
  • Temperature control valve, full 3/4" IPS
  • Temperature control dial set-points, 70-120� Fahrenheit
  • Two volume control valves, full 3/4" IPS


  • Shower bathing opulence
  • Contrast bathing
  • Full-volume water flow for maximum performance
  • Versatility of independent fixture control
  • Mist ceiling spray experience
  • Drizzle ceiling spray experience
  • Precise water temperature control


  • Temperature control valve rough
  • Temperature control valve trim
  • 2 Volume control valve rough
  • 2 Volume control valve trim
  • Mist ceiling spray (Chrome only)
  • Drizzle ceiling spray (Chrome only)
  • Installation and operation manual