Water Supply Elbow w/ Holder, Bathology

Wet 473
Water Supply Elbow w/ Holder, Bathology

Rediscover Bathing with Bathology... high quality fixtures that showcase the latest in water technology and craftsmanship.

The unique design of this Water Supply Elbow with Holder creates improved hand shower angling and allows hand spray to fit closer to the wall. Hand spray attached via hose, with hose sitting in fork. Pairs seamlessly with the Bathology Wet 463 Quench Hand Spray.

Wet products can be combined with any bathing project or as a component in a Bathology Bathing System. For total bathing splendor that features a Quench Hand Spray with a water supply elbow with holder, consider a Bathology Shower System.


  • Integrates seamlessly with Bathology Bathing Systems


  • Elegant, space-saving design