Programmable Steamroom Temperature Alert, Steamist

Programmable Steamroom Temperature Alert, Steamist

Designed for use with Steamist HC series steam bath generators in health clubs, hotels, and spas, Steamist’s TA-100 Programmable Steamroom Temperature Alert helps ensure the safety and comfort of member bathers. When the maximum desired temperature is exceeded, the heater interrupt relay will shut down the steam bath generator, which may only be reset once the room has cooled below the specified threshold.


    The Steamist TA-100 features:

  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Built-in audible alarm
  • Secondary auxiliary alarm available
  • Selectable Fahrenheit/Celsius
  • Adjustable alarm from 100F to 194F
  • Tamper-proof lock feature
  • 12 volt UL Class II power supply
  • 5A output relay to interrupt heater when the alarm sounds
  • Temperature must cool below the maximum allowed temperature before the reset button will disarm the alarm
  • Test button
  • HC model generators built with DCCP control since 2013 are prewired to accept the TA-100 and provides 12 volt power required
  • Installs outside the steam room


  • TA-100 Temperature Alert
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Auxiliary Alarm
  • Installation and operation manual

Note: An alarm is required in New York City, NY and Boston, MA. Check with your local area on code requirements.

One (1) Temperature Alert System per steam room.