A6 Touch Screen Control Panel Kit, Amerec

A6 Touch Screen Control Panel Kit, Amerec

The Amerec A6 control unit is compatible with any Amerec AX Series residential steam bath generator. The easy-to-read touch-screen on Amerec�s A6 features a soft-touch control pad making it the ultimate Amerec steam bath control. Suitable for installation inside or near the steam shower, the A6 may be mounted directly to the wall or, with the optional recessed mounting box, flush with the wall surface.

The A6 control pad allows you to adjust options such as time, temperature, as well as features like lights and fragrance pumps. Delayed start and calendar start settings allow you to program your steam bath so it is ready to use exactly when you want it. You can even prevent the steam room from being used during certain time periods.

When used with your existing Wi-Fi network, Amerec�s Wi-Fi apps give you wireless access from your Android phone, iPhone or PC, allowing you to recreate your ultimate steam bath at the touch of a finger. You may even save your Favorite settings for your next use.

A second A6 control may be used for added convenience. For the ease of controlling the steam bath from inside or outside the steam shower enclosure, consider adding an Amerec A3 control outside of the shower.