Bilateral Steam Head, Steamist

Bilateral Steam Head, Steamist

The stylish Bilateral Steamhead (BLSH) from Steamist features a sleek look for a modern and minimalist appearance. Engineered to direct steam both upward and downward, this design provides more even steam dispersion for increased bather comfort.

The 3/4" NPT Bilateral Steamhead features a solid brass cover plate that is available in polished chrome and in six designer finishes including polished nickel, brushed nickel, polished gold, brushed bronze and oil-rubbed bronze.

The Steamist BLSH Bilateral Steamhead may be mounted with its 3/4" NPT male threaded connection at the top, or it may be flipped to allow for bottom connection to the steam pipe. This steam head should be mounted from 12" to 18" above the finished floor and between studs spaced 16� apart.