ChromaSense Package,Total Sense Spa Option, Steamist

ChromaSense Package,Total Sense Spa Option, Steamist

The Steamist TSCH ChromaSense option requires use of a TSC-350 Digital Control and can be installed anywhere in the bathroom or steam/shower. Utilizing LED lights, the ChromaSense fixture provides mood lighting and white light. Consider the TSCH-1 additional fixture for large areas.

Consider the TSTR optional matching finish light fixture trim ring to complete your decor.

  • 120V Operation
  • Brushed Chrome light fixture trim
  • LED
  • Can produce "white light" or chroma options
  • Color effects include Green "Bliss", Blue "Soulful", Violet "Harmony", Red "Energize", Pink "Relax", and Yellow "Creative"
  • For use with TSG Generator and TSC-350 Control
  • TSC Digital Control Module
  • ChromaSense light fixture, 3-5/8" diameter
  • 6-Pin, 6-wire control cable, 25' long with "snap-in" connectors
  • 25' light fixture control cable
  • RTV silicone sealant, .5 oz tube
  • Installation and operation manual
  • Manufacturer's warranty