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Another well planned Commercial Install

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Now here’s a skillful installation. It has it all, with the exception of a water treatment system. The steam bath generator is in a dedicated closet with plenty of access to the generator. It sits on a stand to make it easier for routine preventative maintenance and servicing. The automatic blowdown drain is piped to the floor drain. A "y" strainer is on the steam line coming right out of the steam generator to help prevent lime from the tank breaking free and creating extra wear-and-tear on the steam solenoid. The steam solenoid has the electrical outlet attached for the aroma system. Next is a globe valve to help dial/tune-in to the rate at which the steam enters the steam room. Then we have the aroma system injection point where the eucalyptus enters. This installation satisfies many of the club staff and bathers. The bathers are happy with the fresh smell of eucalyptus as they steam and the steam room rarely, if at all, breaks down. The club manager is happy saving money with less breakdowns, and the maintenance crew and/or service company has easy access and less headaches. The next investment to save funds in the long run is to add a water conditioning system. There is also room for the 35-gallon aroma oil tank. They can upgrade their existing 5-gallon to a 35-gallon and the need to fill the tank would be less frequent.

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Equipment utilized in this environment

Brand: Steamist
Model: HC Series
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