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Steam Showers - The Ultimate in Health & Wellness


As waves of penetrating steam fill the room, your senses are stimulated, and stress and tensions melt away. Rich vapor and rejuvenating heat combine to create a deeply therapeutic and cathartic experience. With each steam bathing session comes comfort, relaxation, and a sensation of wellbeing.


At SteamSaunaBath, we are dedicated to the art of Experiential Bathing, a combination of heat, steam, and multi-sensory enhancements that creates a truly transcendent bathing experience. We leverage our vast experience to ensure that your bathing space surpasses your expectations. Our comprehensive selection of bathing products at the guaranteed lowest prices allows you to tailor your steam bath to your unique vision while respecting your budget.


Let us show you how shower fixtures, customizable chromotherapy lighting, shower systems, digital audio, and more will help transform your steam room and lead you on a daily path to wellness.


Learn about steam room design, equipment installation, and how to build a luxury steam shower and contact a SteamSaunaBath specialist at (800) 707-2862.

Steam Manufacturers

We maintain an inventory of thousands of steam products and parts from the industry’s leading steam manufacturers in our 56,000 square-foot master stocking distribution center. Our decades-long partnerships with each manufacturer enables us to offer the highest quality steam room equipment, parts, and shower accessories.


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Home Steam Room Equipment

SteamSaunaBath is a masterstocking distributor of home steam shower generators, controls, doors, shower fans, parts, complete steam room environments, and much more.


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Steam Room Equipment for Clubs, Spas, and Commercial Facilities

Health clubs, day spas, resorts, and other commercial wellness facilities rely on our vast selection of products to build state-of-the-art bathing spaces. Our selection of steam room boilers, club generators, shower fixtures, aroma pumps, parts, and more helps facility operators build steam rooms that offer long-lasting durability, safety, and efficiency. We offer same-day shipping on all parts to minimize downtime.


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Complete Steam Room Environments

Discover the latest in technological innovations with our selection of complete multi-sensory steam room environments. Each environment has a variety of unique features and a customizable array of sensorial effects— contributing to a deeply relaxing, therapeutic, and cathartic bathing experience. With colored lighting, aromas, customizable mists, and a variety of other features, complete steam environments transform each bathing session into a highly anticipated event.


Steam Shower Generator Sizing

We strongly suggest that you select a generator with the correct power rating for your bathing space. Take advantage of our steam shower generator sizing tool to find the correct generator rating that is appropriate for your design plan.


Nationwide Installation & Service Network

Over fifty years of designing, installing, repairing, building, and remodeling steam rooms has made SteamSaunaBath a one-stop source for homeowners and commercial facilities. Our expert team has experience with every brand and configuration of steam room equipment found in homes, clubs, spas, and other commercial sites.


To request steam room service or equipment installation, contact a SteamSaunaBath Specialist at (800) 707-2862 or email us at Service@SteamSaunaBath.com.