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Commercial steam line with enhancements

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This commercial steam generator steam line installation features enhancements to the steam line, not just the steam solenoids as are commonly seen. This generator setup is designed to serve both the men’s and women’s steam rooms. Shown from the top of the boiler on the right of the image, moving to the left, are the following components: 1” y-strainer necked down to a 3/4” steam line of copper tubing with copper unions, 3/4” steam solenoids, 3/4” globe regulator valves and then the aroma injection assembly which consists of a 1/2” brass T sweated into the steam line. The steam solenoids have 120volt electrical outlets, and the aroma pumps are wired in series with the steam solenoid valves. When the solenoid is energized, so is the aroma pump.

Tags: steam generator, steam boiler, steam line, good install

Equipment utilized in this environment

Brand: Mr.Steam
Model: CU Series
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