Mr.Steam CU SteamStop

Stop Switch, CU Series

CU SteamStop

This CU SteamStop emergency stop switch electronically shuts down the steam generator and initiates the Digital 1 internal alarm and the CU Alarm, if installed.

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Working in conjunction with Digital 1 or F1 operating controls, this stop switch is suitable for installation inside or outside the the steam room. Multiple CU SteamStop switches can be installed with one steam bath generator.

  • Electronically shuts down generator
  • Multiple switches can be used with one generator
  • Works with Digital 1 or F1 operating control
  • Initiates Digital 1 internal alarm
  • Initiates CU Alarm, if installed
  • Inside/Outside steam room installation
  • Steam Stop button
  • 30' Low voltage wire
  • Installation and operation manual
  • Limited warranty
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Model CU SteamStop
Shipping Weight 5 lbs