About Us

About Us


Bathing Inspired Wellness — three simple words that define the focus of SteamSaunaBath and what motivates us. 


After the introduction of the modern compact home steam generator in the 1960’s, a young tradesman in Chicago discovered the therapeutic benefits that steam bathing offered. He became captivated by the relaxing and restorative effects of steam and sauna and how enhanced bathing could contribute to a dramatically more healthful lifestyle.


Together with his son, they would build a dedicated team that would go on to serve thousands of bathers across America, perfecting their technique and amassing an unsurpassed level of experience creating steam shower and sauna bathing spaces in homes, health clubs, spas, and hotels.


Furthering his father’s lifework, the son introduced the concept of Experiential Bathing – not merely cleansing but a multi-sensorial wellness ritual to rejuvenate and energize the mind and body. Experiential bathing guides our values and our devotion to creating a healthier and more pleasurable lifestyle for our customers.


Our knowledge and ongoing passion for advancing the art and science of bathing has driven SteamSaunaBath into the forefront of the industry. Our team is comprised of bathing enthusiasts; skilled bathing technicians and engineers who rigorously test and analyze equipment in our product development center to ensure the highest quality. Our technicians possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the products we sell, and their installation processes and procedures.


Shop confidently knowing you are getting the best value on our selection of products from the industry’s leading steam and sauna manufacturers. As an authorized reseller, we guarantee the best price on all products, and comprehensive knowledge of every item we sell. Because we have the nation’s largest inventory of steam and sauna equipment and parts, we can provide same-day shipping as well as overnight shipping options.


Whether you require assistance with design, installation, equipment specification, or construction, our expert bathing technicians will guide you through the successful completion of your project.


Our belief in Bathing Inspired Wellness has kept us true to our core values over the last half-century. As the nation’s largest supplier of steam shower and sauna products and services, we look forward to helping you discover the joy of experiential bathing.