Nationwide Steam Shower & Sauna Installation, Service, Repair, & Remodel

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Steam Shower and Sauna Install, Service, and Repair

The BathingPro™ Network offers steam shower, sauna, and enhanced bathing support services for homes, health clubs, and day spas across the nation. BathingPro™ contractors share a history with us and have demonstrated the skills necessary to build or service exceptional steam baths and sauna rooms.


Steam Shower & Sauna Services:

  • Planning
  • Maintenance
  • Design
  • Repair
  • Construction & Build
  • Renovation
  • Installation
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Parts


SteamSaunaBath will help you find a contractor from the BathingPro™ Network to plan, build, or service your steam bath or sauna room. Experienced technicians will help you design a home or commercial club bathing space that fits your needs or perform preventative maintenance on equipment. For installation, maintenance, or repair assistance, call a BathingPro™ specialist at (800) 707-2862 or fill out a Service Request Form. Enjoy professional steam shower and sauna services at affordable prices.


BathingPro™ Network

By selecting a member of the BathingPro™ Network for your project, you know that your tradesperson will possess the knowledge needed to build, install, or service your enhanced bathing environment. Unlike conventional bathing spaces, there are many technical considerations required when building or servicing steam showers or saunas, and only an experienced technician can ensure your complete satisfaction. BathingPro™ members specialize in steam bath and sauna specification, construction, remodel, refurbishment, installation, maintenance, and repair.


Home Steam Bath & Sauna Service and Repair

Home steam showers and sauna rooms will help improve your mental and physical well-being while relieving stress and flushing toxins from your skin. Bathers rely on the unmatched support services provided by the BathingPro™ Network to plan, build, install, repair, and renovate unparalleled custom in-home steam baths and saunas.


For steam bath or sauna design, install, service, repair, or renovation assistance, call a BathingPro™ specialist at (800) 707-2862 or fill out a Service Request Form. Each tradesperson in the network offers a convenient, cost effective, safe, and proven approach to steam shower and sauna service.


Commercial Steam & Sauna Room Maintenance and Repair for Health Clubs and Spas

Satisfying your bathers is our primary goal. To ensure health clubs and spas receive optimal support, we help commercial facility managers find certified tradespeople to install, service, and repair their steam shower or sauna units. All BathingPro™ affiliates specialize at installing and maintaining commercial steam room boilers, steam shower generators, sauna heaters, waterproof light fixtures, and other steam and sauna room equipment.


The BathingPro™ Network offers custom steam room and sauna specification, build, maintenance, repair, and remodel support for commercial clubs and spas. Each affiliate in the network specializes at combining beauty, quality, functionality, and value to your commercial steam or sauna room. All commercial steam rooms and saunas are built with attention to future service and repair ease.


Commercial steam rooms and saunas experience high traffic and continuous use. BathingPro™ technicians recommend performing preventative maintenance while cleaning your steam shower or sauna regularly to prevent the formation of mold, mildew, and stains on your tile or cedar sauna wood. Servicing and cleaning your bathing space will prolong its lifespan.


Health clubs and spas may fill out a Service Request Form or call a BathingPro™ coordinator at (800) 707-2862 for design, build, install, refurbish, or repair assistance. We will help you find a contractor to build or service a custom steam shower or sauna room.


Steam Generator and Sauna Heater Repair Parts

BathingPro™ technicians specialize at servicing steam bath generators, steam room boilers, sauna heaters, and sauna stoves. Home bathers and commercial club facility managers rely on this network of affiliates to locate and install replacement parts in their steam showers, wet saunas, and dry saunas.


We Carry Parts From:

  • Mr. Steam
  • Finlandia
  • Steamist
  • Lattner
  • Bathology
  • Amerec
  • AromaMist
  • Tylo
  • Helo
  • Polar
  • McCoy


For assistance locating a part or repairing your home, club, or spa unit, fill out a Service Request Form or call a BathingPro™ specialist at (800) 707-2862.


Unparalleled Support Services

BathingPro™ Network tradespeople have demonstrated the skills necessary to service exceptional steam showers and saunas. Each affiliate has the unique combination of talent, desire, and extraordinary knowledge to build, service, and remodel premier steam showers and sauna rooms. SteamSaunaBath helps homeowners and commercial facility managers locate BathingPro™ affiliates to build or service their bathing spaces. For steam shower or sauna service support, fill out a Service Request Form or call a BathingPro™ specialist at (800) 707-2862 if you need assistance with your bathing space.