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Home and commercial sauna heaters used today originated in Finland, where sauna bathing has been practiced for centuries. Traditional Finish saunas were heated with a combination of rocks and large wood. The Finns would heat sauna rocks by burning wood in a sauna stove.


Sauna bathing remains popular today throughout the world. Homeowners, health clubs, and spas use saunas to facilitate healthy lifestyles. Saunas provide tremendous mental and physical benefits to bathers. Saunas can be used to relieve stress, relax muscles and joints after workouts, flush toxins from pores in the skin, fight illness, and improve cardiovascular performance of the heart.


SteamSaunaBath carries the best dry sauna room heaters from premium manufacturers such as Amerec, Steamist, and Finlandia at the guaranteed lowest prices. View our selection of home sauna heaters and commercial sauna heaters


What is the Best Sauna Heater for my Sauna Room?

Choosing a home sauna heater or commercial sauna heater can be a tough decision. When choosing an electric sauna stove, it is important to choose a unit that has the proper power rating and voltage needed to heat your enclosure.


To accurately choose a sauna room heater, it is necessary to obtain the length, width, and height of your sauna room. The available space will dictate the proper power rating and voltage required to heat your sauna. Use our Sauna Heater Sizing Tool to find a unit that has the correct specifications for the area of your bathing space.


Large saunas require sauna heaters with a higher power rating and voltage when compared to small enclosures. Choosing an electric sauna room heater that is compatible with your space will help ensure you maintain proper airflow, humidity levels, and heat in your sauna room. Contact an Account Manager at SteamSaunaBath if you have any questions about sauna room heaters.

Best Home Sauna Heaters for Residential Sauna Rooms

Transforming a traditional bath or shower into a custom sauna room is an important investment in both mental and physical well-being. Saunas provide bathers with a place to unwind at the end of a stressful day. Simply step into your traditional sauna to detoxify your mind and body.


SteamSaunaBath carries the best electric home sauna heaters at competitive rates. Our selection of home sauna room heaters features a compact and durable design for a lifetime of use.


Home electric sauna stoves naturally emit relaxing and restoring waves of dry heat into the sauna room. To increase humidity levels, simply ladle water over the sauna rocks to produce refreshing waves of steam throughout the sauna room.


SteamSaunaBath offers the best home sauna heaters in the market engineered for small and large residential sauna rooms. Our Account Managers recommend choosing a home dry sauna heater with a power rating and voltage that is compatible with your enclosure. Use our Sauna Heater Sizing Tool to find an electric sauna stove appropriate for your sauna room. View our catalog of traditional electric sauna room heaters for homes.

Best Commercial Sauna Heaters for Health Club or Day Spa Sauna Rooms

Your club members benefit tremendously from sauna bathing after a long workout. The intense heat helps loosen muscles and joints, remove impurities from the pores in the skin, and improve cardiovascular performance of the heart.


We recommend investing in a sauna room for your commercial club or spa. Commercial health clubs and spas require a commercial sauna heater that can power large enclosures and operate continuously throughout the day. Each sauna oven is designed for easy installation and maintenance. To avoid unnecessary downtime and repair, it is important to choose a high-quality sauna room heater from a trustworthy manufacturer.


SteamSaunaBath is a supplier of dry sauna heaters and wet sauna heaters for commercial clubs and spas. Commercial facility managers should choose an electric sauna oven with a proper power rating and voltage that is compatible with their floor plan. Use our Sauna Heater Sizing Tool to find an electric sauna stove for your facility. Browse through our massive selection of club and spa sauna heaters.

Your Choice of Wall-Mounted or Freestanding Sauna Room Heaters

SteamSaunaBath carries two types of home sauna heaters and commercial sauna heaters. Homeowners and commercial facilities can choose from our selection of electric wall-mounted or floor-standing sauna ovens. We carry high quality, reliable, and efficient sauna heaters from the top manufacturers in the industry.


Our Account Managers recommend wall-mounted electric sauna heaters for smaller sauna rooms to save space. These sauna stoves can be easily installed on the wall in a central location that will not interrupt the flow of the bathing space. Floor-mounted sauna room heaters are recommended for large sauna rooms that have optimal floor space.


SteamSaunaBath carries the best sauna heaters in the industry. View our catalog of home sauna heaters and commercial sauna heaters.

Sauna Room Heater Features

Our selection of home sauna heaters and commercial sauna heaters boast state-of-the-art features to enhance your sauna bathing experience. Notable features include exceptionally large rock capacities for soft heat production, industrial grade heating elements, multifunctional control systems, insulating technology to hold heat, rust resistant exterior casing, and other notable features.


SteamSaunaBath carries the highest quality traditional sauna heaters in the industry from top-of-the-line manufacturers. View our selection of home and commercial club electric sauna room ovens.

Multifunctional Sauna Controls

Home and commercial sauna heaters should be used in conjunction with a multifunctional sauna control. Some electric sauna heaters feature a built-in control while others come with an exterior surface-mounted control that can be installed either inside or outside the sauna room.


Electric sauna heater controls allow homeowners and commercial facility managers to control everything inside their sauna, from their bathing time to temperature, lights, fan, and other essential sauna bathing preferences. Some controls allow bathers to delay the start time of the next bathing session, pre-set weekly schedules, and save sauna preferences such as temperature and time for individual users.


Controls allow bathers and facilities to personalize their home and commercial sauna heaters. View our catalog of home and commercial sauna controls.

Sauna Heater Rocks

Vulcanite rocks have become massively popular in saunas because they store heat well and help block direct heat from the sauna. This helps to ensure a pleasant sauna bathing experience. Vulcanite rocks help homeowners and health clubs save money and energy since they continue to radiate heat after the heater is off.


Sauna rocks are sized prior to shipping to ensure they fit optimally over the heating elements and are safe to use on home and commercial sauna rock heaters. All sauna rocks are odorless to ensure they do not take away from the bathing experience. Bathers can ladle water over the sauna rocks on the sauna heater to increase humidity levels and create rejuvenating clouds of steam.


The average lifetime of sauna rocks varies depending on the usage of the electric sauna room heater. When the sauna rocks begin to whither and break apart, it is time to replace them. Withered sauna rocks do not properly block direct heat from the sauna heater and can affect the bathing experience. If you need new sauna rocks for your sauna heating unit, view the Bathology RB 301 rocks.

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