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Steamist sauna heaters are the heart and soul of a sauna room. They produce and disperse pleasant waves of heat throughout the entire bathing space. The consistent and even flow of heat as well as innovative features sets Steamist sauna heaters apart from the competition. Home bathers, clubs, and spas choose Steamist sauna ovens when building soothing, restorative, and rejuvenating bathing spaces because of their top-of-the-line products and services.


Steamist electric sauna heating units boast a rust resistant stainless steel welded casing with a compressed metal design for strength and durability. They also feature industrial grade heating elements, exceptionally large rock capacities to help produce rich heat, and intuitive multifunction controls that allow bathers to adjust essential bathing preferences.


SteamSaunaBath carries Steamist’s entire selection of residential and commercial sauna heater systems. Choose a unit with features that satisfy your unique sauna bathing needs.


Steamist Sauna Heaters for the Home

Steamist SMS Series electric sauna heaters are extremely durable, efficient, and safe. They make a perfect addition to any home sauna room. Residents can choose between Steamist’s catalog of wall-mounted and floor standing sauna heaters for their homes. Floor standing sauna heaters can be installed in the middle or corner of a sauna. Choose an installation location that fits your preferences and available space.


Our selection of heaters feature power ratings between 4.5 to 14.8 kilowatts and are made for enclosures with dimensions between 100 to 1,000 cubic feet. Steamist produces heaters for home sauna rooms of all sizes. Use our sauna heater sizing tool to find a heater that is compatible with your sauna.


View our selection of home Steamist sauna heaters.


Commercial Steamist Sauna Heaters for Health Clubs, Spas, & Hotels

Wellness centers rely on electric wall-mounted and floor standing Steamist sauna heater units in their commercial sauna rooms because of their long-lasting performance and reliability.


SteamSaunaBath carries Steamist heaters for large club sauna rooms, gyms, and small spa enclosures. Our steam and sauna specialists recommend the Steamist SMS Series sauna stove units for commercial sauna rooms. Our catalog of sauna heaters are available with power ratings between 6.0 to 14.8 kilowatts and are made for sauna rooms with dimensions between 170 to 1,000 cubic feet. Commercial facility managers should choose a Steamist sauna heater that works ideally with their floor plan.


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