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Surface-Mounted Light Fixture Units and Water-Tight Recessed Lighting Systems for Home, Health Club, and Day Spa Steam Showers

SteamSaunaBath offers home steam bathers and commercial facility managers a comprehensive catalog of low-profile vapor-proof light fixtures and surface-mounted lighting systems for their residential steam baths and commercial steam rooms. Our incandescent, fluorescent, and LED steam shower lights are rigorously tested before they are sent out to residents and facilities to ensure optimal performance, quality, and durability. Each recessed and surface-mounted lighting system is suitable for wet or damp locations and can be installed directly in the steam shower.


Water-tight overhead lighting is a fundamental part of home and commercial steam showers. Waterproof steam room light systems help make the steam shower a safe place to bathe and allow for maximum control of visual ambiance. We offer everything from regular steam room lights to colored Chromotherapy lights that allow bathers to create a mood-setting steam bathing experience.


Homeowners, architects, interior designers, health clubs, and day spas rely on SteamSaunaBath’s catalog of low-voltage vapor-proof recessed light systems and surface-mounted lighting fixtures to create unparalleled residential and commercial steam rooms.


Recessed Steam Shower Light Fixtures

Recessed waterproof steam room lights feature a slender profile and small-scale appearance to blend with the décor of the steam shower. Recessed light systems can be installed on a ceiling, wall, or under a bench in the steam room. Home bathers and commercial facility managers use wet-rated recessed steam lights in their steam rooms because of their beautiful near-flush trim, decorative stainless steel fasteners, frosted glass lenses, and compact design.


Recessed in-shower light fixtures come pre-wired and ready to install for homes, health clubs, and spas. Each waterproof steam bath lighting system offers bathers with superior light quality, longevity, little to no heat output, and energy savings. SteamSaunaBath offers home steam bathers and commercial facilities with a catalog of recessed steam bath lights that come in a wide variety of designer finishes. View our catalog of recessed overhead light fixtures for your home, club, and spa steam showers


Surface-Mounted Steam Bath Lighting Systems

Water-tight surface-mounted steam shower light fixtures extend in an outward fashion from the ceiling or wall in the steam room. SteamSaunaBath offers home steam bathers and commercial facility managers a large catalog of wet-rated surface-mounted steam room lights that provide satisfying illumination throughout the bathing space. Each light fixture comes with a housing that is designed to complement the interior design of your home or commercial steam room.


SteamSaunabath’s catalog of surface-mounted overhead lighting systems are designed to enhance the appearance of the steam shower. They are engineered to function flawlessly for a lifetime of use. Learn more about surface-mounted lights for home, health club, and day spa steam rooms.


Chromotherapy Recessed Colored LED Steam Shower Lights

SteamSaunaBath offers home bathers and commercial facilities with a massive collection of Chromotherapy steam shower lights. Each lighting fixture infuses the steam bath in soothing hues of red, blue, green, yellow, and a variety of other colors.


Chromotherapy recessed lights leverage color theory to evoke feelings and emotions throughout the steam bath session. Each color created by Chromotherapy recessed LED steam shower lights is associated with a desired effect.


Color Theory: Colors and Their Effects

  • Red: The color red is believed to increase heart rate and breathing patterns. It is also said to promote feelings of love, passion, and desire.
  • Blue: Blue is thought to promote relaxation and peace. Blue is said to cause the body to emit chemicals that are associated with relaxation and is also believed to be correlated with the feelings of security, integrity, and trust.
  • Green: Green lends an association with nature and natural phenomena. Green is believed to be correlated with refreshing and reenergizing feelings.
  • Yellow: Yellow is often said to promote optimism. The color is believed to be correlated with an increased sense of concentration.
  • Orange: Orange is associated with the feelings of courage, confidence, and success.
  • Pink: Pink is used to promote feelings of compassion and happiness.
  • Purple: Purple is believed to nurture romantic and sophisticated situations and is closely associated with luxury and royalty.

View our catalog of Chromotherapy recessed steam shower lights for home, club, and day spa steam baths.


Whether you are designing, renovating, installing, servicing, repairing, or enhancing a steam shower, SteamSaunaBath is your one-source for residential and commercial steam bath lights. Add another dimension to your home steam room experience with aroma oils. Health clubs and day spas can leverage our selection of AromaMist Eucalyptus Essential Oils and AromaMist aroma oil pumps to transform their steam shower into a luxurious and relaxing aromatherapy experience.


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