Chromotherapy Lights for Steam Showers and Saunas

Benefits of Chromotherapy Shower & Sauna Lighting Systems

Chromotherapy Lights

Chromotherapy Lighting

Chromotherapy (also known as Chromatherapy, color light therapy, or Chroma) sauna and steam shower lights immerse your bathing environment in stunning hues of red, blue, green, orange, and other colors to enhance your bathing experience. Each mood lighting system leverages the power of color light therapy to invoke and stimulate the senses, body, and mind.


SteamSaunaBath stocks and distributes vapor-proof Chromotherapy lights for homes, health clubs, and day spas. We offer recessed (flush mount) and surface mount LED sauna lights and steam shower lights for bathers and commercial facilities. Our catalog of waterproof LED chromotherapy lighting systems to add another level of sensory stimulus to your space. Whether calming or revitalizing, color sauna lights and steam room light fixtures are an essential component of a dynamic bathing experience.


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Mental and Physical Benefits of Color Light Therapy

Colors are believed to play a role in establishing and balancing energy in the body. Color bathing is used to help foster physical, mental, and emotional benefits to help you live a healthier life. Research suggests regular exposure to colored light can affect our mood, energy levels, and ability to sleep. Each light can produce a variety of colors to create the ultimate steam shower or sauna bathing experience.

Color Theory: Colors and Their Effects

  • Red: Love, romance, warmth, comfort, energy, excitement, intensity
  • Orange: Happy, energetic, excitement, enthusiasm, warmth, sophistication, stimulation
  • Yellow: Happiness, laughter, warmth, optimism, hunger, intensity, frustration, attention
  • Green: Natural, cool, growth, health, envy, tranquility, harmony
  • Blue: Calmness, serenity, cold, uncaring, wisdom, loyalty, focused
  • Indigo: Heal, purify, cool, stimulate, spiritual, integrity, intuition

Take advantage of cool colors to promote creativity, serenity, and peace. End your day with a cascading rinse saturated in soothing hues of blue, green, or purple. Alternatively, set your Chromotherapy bath lighting system to red, orange, or yellow for a rejuvenating, stimulating, and warm bathing session. Warm colors help boost energy levels, optimism, and enthusiasm. Enjoy the benefits of color light therapy with vaporproof Chromotherapy sauna and steam shower lights.


Steam-proof Chromotherapy bath lights can immerse any steam shower or sauna room in almost any color, including white. Bathers and facility managers can choose from pre-set or custom colors to ensure ultimate satisfaction.

Color Light Therapy: How Colors are Perceived

Color is produced by energy waves of light from the visible spectrum. Each wave produces a unique sensation of color to the human eye. All perceivable colors are dependent on the wavelengths of light. Short wavelengths of light are perceived as blue and long wavelengths of light produce red. Every color we see can be found along the visible spectrum between blue and red. Energy waves outside the visible spectrum, such ultraviolet light or radio waves, are not visible to the human eye. Homeowners and commercial facilities across the nation use sauna color light therapy and steam shower color light therapy to live healthier lives.


View our catalog of Chromotherapy shower and sauna lights for homes, health clubs, and spas. We carry Chromotherapy equipment from the best manufacturers in the industry.

Chromotherapy Shower and Sauna Lights for Homes and Commercial Clubs

SteamSaunaBath carries vaporproof Chromotherapy steam shower lights and sauna lighting systems for homes, health clubs, and spas. Chromotherapy lights may be installed on the walls, ceiling, or floor to illuminate and enhance the enclosure.


As your bath warms, the emerging steam becomes a vibrant showcase to fulfill its promise of absolute color bathing splendor. From pre-set colors, advanced color blending, and color sequencing modes, to dimming, Chromatherapy lights will help augment your bathing space.


Some waterproof Chromatherapy lighting systems act as task/primary lighting while others act as accent lighting. We recommend choosing ceiling lights and wall lights that fit your needs and preferences. We carry Chromotherapy equipment for all types of bathing spaces.


View our catalog of Chromotherapy shower and sauna lighting systems for homes, health clubs, and spas.


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