Steam Room and Sauna Eucalyptus Oil & Aroma Pumps from AromaMist

The Preferred Steam Room Eucalyptus of Professional Health Clubs & Spas

AromaMist Eucalyptus Essential Bath Oil

The fresh, revitalizing scent of AromaMist Eucalyptus Essential Oil will transform your steam bath, sauna, or shower into a luxurious and relaxing aromatherapy experience.


Triple distilled and imported from Australia, this powerful essential oil is a must have for steam room aromatherapy. AromaMist uses the most fragrant and purest Eucalyptus available. Prized for its numerous therapeutic benefits, you will find AromaMist Eucalyptus Oil stimulating and rejuvenating.


AromaMist Eucalyptus Bath Oil Blend

Economical and invigorating, the Eucalyptus Bath Oil Blend’s mixture of Eucalyptus and Menthol will awaken the senses with its fresh and bracing aroma. AromaMist Eucalyptus Bath Oil Blend was formulated specifically to meet the demands of health club steam room bathers. Both Eucalyptus and Menthol aroma oils have been enjoyed for their aromatherapy qualities throughout the ages. They have also been praised for their ability to ease respiratory discomfort while soothing the body and soul. Eucalyptus Blends will inspire a sensation of purity and cleanliness to your steam shower.


Created for commercial steam rooms and residential steam showers, AromaMist essential oil is formulated to atomize more completely, infusing the aroma with the steam vapor for a long-lasting scent.


The oil is available in a 4-ounce spray bottle as well as economical 1-gallon and 5-gallon bulk sizes perfect for health clubs and commercial steam rooms. View our entire selection of aromatherapy oils in a wide variety of scents. Buy in bulk and save!


AromaMist Aroma Bathing System

AromaMist essential aromatherapy oils were developed to be used in conjunction with the AromaMist AI-5 Aroma Pump, to ensure the most satisfying experience and compatibility with your steam room.


Installed out-of-sight near the steam bath generator or boiler, the AromaMist Aroma Pump is the best engineered aroma injector available. It is built to withstand continuous use in commercial health clubs. The system injects Eucalyptus oil or your favorite aroma scent directly into the steam line so that it is completely infused into the steam. Simply activate the aroma switch, sit back and relax as your favorite fragrance blends naturally with the steam to deliver your sensory vacation.


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