Lattner 15AF

SteamEase Series Electric Steam Bath Boiler, 15KW, 208V, 3PH


Lattner 15AF, Electric Steam Bath Boiler, is engineered to power rooms up to 600 cubic feet (CF). 

Includes digital operating control package for single or dual room application (select below).

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Designed for the most demanding commercial steam room environments, this SteamEase Series boiler system operates under pressure and is capable of steaming rooms (1-2) up to a total of 600 cubic feet. Complete with incoloy heating elements, magnetic contactors, NEMA-1 panel with boiler and feedwater ON/OFF switch, lamps, McDonnell Miller primary water level control, auxiliary low water cut-off w/manual reset, operating pressure control, high limit w/manual reset, all internal ungrounded circuits subdivided and fused between contactors and source terminals, ASME safety valve, blowdown valve, feedwater stop and check valves, and water gauge set with ball checks and glass protector.

Lattner boilers employ a minimum 13" diameter X 23-1/4" long vessel with an unusual 284 square inch steam release area to ensure the production of dry steam without water carry-over. This large reservoir holds an impressive 13-gallons of water during operation and enables the use of superior low watt density immersion heaters. Additionally, the horizontal type boiler shell provides for an extremely large sediment collection area.

Also available in 480V/3PH, 240V/3PH and 240V/1PH operation. Consider the highly recommended 1674-B Automatic Blowdown System for automated on/off and drain capabilities.

NOTE: Additional Freight Charges May Apply.

  • Industrial grade incoloy heating elements
  • Fully insulated shell with metal jacket
  • Automatic operating controls
  • ASME low-pressure operation compliance
  • National Board registered vessel
  • Room hi-limit pressure control
  • Operates with digital room temperature controller
  • Operating, electronic hi-limit and ASME safety valve pressure control system
  • Safety valve
  • Blowdown valves for boiler and level control
  • On/off switch and terminals for connection of feed water equipment
  • UL listed and built to ASME code
  • 15AF, 15BF, 15CF, or 15F Steam Boiler
  • Digital room temperature controller, single or dual
  • One (1) waterproof sensor with shield per room
  • One (1) factory-wired steam solenoid valve assembly per room
  • One (1) steam head per room
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Model 15AF
Minimum Adjusted Cubic Feet 360
Maximum Adjusted Cubic Feet 600
Kilowatt Rating 15 KW
Shipping Weight 400 lbs
AC Voltage 208V AC
Phase 3 Phase
Nominal Amperage 41.7 Amps
Recommended Protective Device 50 Amp
Water Supply Connection 3/4" NPT
Generator Steam Line Connection 3/4" NPT
Length 43"
Width 27"
Height 29"