AromaMist AI506

Essential Oils 6-Pack, 4oz Bottles


Experience an elevated sauna or bathing routine with AromaMist.This 6-Pack of essential oils is sure to transform your sauna room or bathing environment offering a plethora of options. With the convenient fine mist spray bottle, the oils will evenly be distributed into your environment leading to a more relaxing and pleasurable experience. Leveling up your self care has never been so easy, with AromaMist. 

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This 6-pack of pure essential oils includes Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary Mint, Relaxation, Energizing Synergy, and Breathe Easy. Simply mist your favorite fragrance and enjoy a well-deserved moment of indulgence.

Eucalyptus - Triple distilled and imported from Australia. This powerful essential oil is a must have for the steam bath enthusiast. The strongest and purest Eucalyptus oil for steam rooms available.

Lavender - Brings peace of mind, and emotional balance. Eases insomnia, depression, stress and lowers high blood pressure. Beneficial for asthma, bronchitis, colds, flu, coughs and sore throat.

Rosemary Mint - This unique blend of spearmint, cornmint, Spanish rosemary, lavender, camphor, and menthol stimulates and strengthens your body’s energy levels and immune system. Excellent for clearing negative energy and enabling peace of mind.

Relaxation - This wonderful mixture of bergamot, orange sweet, lemon California, chamomile, clove bud, cypress, eugenol, lavender, petitgrain, clary sage, menthol and spearmint will stimulate your spirit while gently soothing and balancing your inner soul. A true way to unwind and escape.

Energizing Synergy - This light, refreshing composition of menthol crystals, palmarosa, peppermint, rosemary, and thyme white will awaken, clear and stimulate your mind. A remedy for enhancing your physical, emotional and mental state.

Breathe Easy - A unique blend of peppermint, spearmint, cornmint, eucalyptus, camphor, wintergreen, and menthol all purposefully chosen to awaken the senses, cleanse the mind, balance your body and aids in the remedy of most respiratory concerns.

AromaMist offers only the best aroma oil; formulated to please the most sophisticated tastes and heighten the enjoyment of your steam bath, shower, whirlpool, or sauna. Simply spray a mist of your favorite aroma and enjoy a luxurious and rejuvenating escape.

The refillable cobalt-blue bottle features a spray head specially matched to the viscosity of the essential oil to create an ideal mist of aroma. It perfectly atomizes and infuses the aroma for a lasting scent, letting you customize your sensory experience.

This variety pack of distinct steam shower essential oils enriches each bathing session. Whether you desire an invigorating or soothing bathing experience, AromaMist essential oil scents allow you to create any desired sensation.

AromaMist aromatherapy oils are available in several other sizes to best suit your bathing needs.

SteamSaunaBath is proud to be an authorized AromaMist partner and offers the complete selection of essential oils for steam rooms from AromaMist for homes and health clubs.

We guarantee the lowest price. If you see AromaMist essential oils for sale at a lower price, give us a call, we’ll beat it! See our guaranteed price policy for details.

SteamSaunaBath is the bathing environment experts. We specialize in steam room and sauna design, sales, installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our half-century of hands-on experience means that we are uniquely qualified to ensure the success of your bathing space and an unparalleled bathing experience. Contact a SteamSaunaBath technical bathing specialist to help you build a steam room: (800) 707-2862.

NOTE: Do not apply the product directly on the steam head, as the steam head can be dangerously hot.

  • Pure essential oils
  • 4-Ounce Cobalt Blue refillable bottle with misting spray top
  • Finely atomizes into the bathing environment
  • For use in steam rooms, saunas, showers, and whirlpool baths and more
  • 4-oz Eucalyptus AromaMist Spray Bottle
  • 4-oz Lavender AromaMist Spray Bottle
  • 4-oz Rosemary Mint AromaMist Spray Bottle
  • 4-oz Relaxation AromaMist Spray Bottle
  • 4-oz Energizing Synergy AromaMist Spray Bottle
  • 4-oz  Breathe Easy AromaMist Spray Bottle
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Model AI506
Shipping Weight (Lbs.) 3 lbs
Diameter In Inches 2"
Height In Inches 5-1/2"