AromaMist Eucalyptus 1

Eucalyptus Aroma Bath Oil, 1-Gallon Bottle

Eucalyptus 1

The fresh, revitalizing scent of AromaMist Eucalyptus Essential Oil will transform your steam room into a luxurious and relaxing retreat from the stress and pressures of your day. The 1-gallon bottle allows you to have a longer lasting supply, so you don't have to interrupt your sauna, steam or bating routine. AromaMist makes your self-care the top priority with pure-essential oils that benefit your well-being. 

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Triple distilled and imported from Australia, this powerful essential oil is a must have for steam bath enthusiasts. We use only the most fragrant and purest Eucalyptus available. With numerous therapeutic benefits, you will find AromaMist Eucalyptus Oil stimulating and rejuvenating.

The formulation of all AromaMist essential aroma oils allows for more complete atomization so that the aroma infuses fully with the vapor within a steam room for a longer lasting scent.

This 1-gallon container of Eucalyptus is designed to meet the daily demands of homes, health clubs and spas, and was developed in conjunction with the AromaMist AI-5 Aroma Bathing System to ensure complete compatibility with any steam shower.

You may also use the 1-gallon container to economically refill our 4-ounce Cobalt Blue misting spray bottles.

AromaMist is formulated to be the best eucalyptus oil for home and commercial steam showers. This powerful Eucalyptus scent creates a spectacular multi-sensory steam bathing experience that bathers will eagerly anticipate.

AromaMist eucalyptus steam room aromas are available in 4-ounce, 1-gallon, and 5-gallon sizes to best suit your bathing needs.

SteamSaunaBath is proud to be an authorized AromaMist partner and offers the complete selection of essential oils for steam rooms from AromaMist for homes and health clubs.

We guarantee the lowest price. If you see AromaMist essential oils for sale at a lower price, give us a call, we’ll beat it! See our guaranteed price policy for details.

SteamSaunaBath is the bathing environment experts. We specialize in steam room and sauna design, sales, installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our half-century of hands-on experience means that we are uniquely qualified to ensure the success of your bathing space and an unparalleled bathing experience. Contact a SteamSaunaBath technical bathing specialist to help you build a steam room: (800) 707-2862.

NOTE: Do not apply the product directly on the steam head, as the steam head can be dangerously hot.

  • Pure essential oil
  • 1-Gallon cylindrical container with easy-pour spout
  • For use in steam rooms, saunas, showers, and whirlpool baths and more

NOTE: Unlike most commercially distributed bath oil blends, AromaMist contains NO ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL, which can be used to artificially accelerate evaporation of the oil, while emitting a harsh and unnatural smell. AromaMist aroma products are pure essential oils, providing greater, longer-lasting value and pleasure for bathing enthusiasts.

  • 1-Gallon Eucalyptus AromaMist Bottle
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Model Eucalyptus 1
Shipping Weight (Lbs.) 10 lbs
Width In Inches 5-7/8"
Depth In Inches 5-7/8"
Height In Inches 11-1/2"