Bathology Clear 440

Fog-Free Steam / Shower Mirror

Clear 440

Experience the ultimate convenience in bathing, by Bathology!

What could be more luxurious than shaving in the midst of an experiential rain, or applying a purifying masque in the tranquility of your steam shower? 

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The Clear 440 Fog-Free Heated Mirror combines sophistication and convenience to create the ideal in-shower amenity.

A Beautiful Mirror
Bathology begins with a flawless mirror for a precise, crystal clear view. Next...size, shape and thickness attributes were all carefully considered for optimal function and seamless beauty. Crafted to nestle flush with in-shower tile, the radiance of Clear 440 will accentuate the allure of any shower environment.

Superior Fog-Free Function
Remaining fog-free in a steamshower was the true test for this technologically advanced game-changer. Bathology employs a proprietary proportionally heated mat encapsulated in a heat resistant silicon to over achieve. Energy efficient and low-voltage, the ultra-thin heating element warms in just minutes and provides precision clarity most anywhere within a bathing environment.

Simple to install, Clear 440 operates with most any on/off power switch.

Shave, remove makeup, or apply facial treatments in the convenience of your shower. Clear 440 Steam/Shower Fog-Free Mirror is the ideal shower enhancement.

For the ultimate in facial pampering, consider the Clear 450 Illuminated Fog-Free Steam/Shower Mirror.

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Model Clear 440
Width 11-3/4"
Depth 1/4"
Height 11-3/4"
Operating Voltage 24 VDC