Bathology Clear 420

Steam Room / Shower Stainless Steel Squeegee with Mount

Clear 420

Durable elegance in bathing environment care by Bathology!

The Clear 420 employs a sleek, simple, and stout stainless steel frame and contoured resilient blade for balanced comfort with optimum water disbursement.

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Precision movements, crystal clear glass, and a sense of the optimal tool for the job never gets old as you return this squeegee to its complementary wall-mount. A consistent reminder of your exuberance for the bathing experiences you aspire to create.

Simply stated, the Clear 420 accentuates the splendor your bathing environment affords.

  • All-stainless construction
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Contoured blade technology
  • Complementary wall-mount
  • Durable and elegant design
  • Balanced in-hand comfort
  • Crystal clear glass
  • Simplified installation
  • Squeegee, Stainless Steel
  • Wall-mount, Stainless Steel
  • Wall-mount fastener, stainless steel
  • Mounting screw, 1-1/2", stainless steel
  • Anchor, plastic
  • RTV silicone sealant, .5 ounce tube
  • Hexagonal allen wrench
  • Installation and operation manual
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Model Clear 420
Shipping Weight 2 lbs
Width 7-13/16"
Depth 1-9/16"
Height 7-1/2"