Bathology Essentials 475

Sauna Room Leg Rest, Portable, Cedar Wood, 18-1/2" x 22", Bathology


Gently curved to follow the bended leg in the prone position, this solidly constructed leg rest is 22” long by 18-1/2” wide, has 11 S4S Western Red cedar slats, 1/2” x 1-1/2”.

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With gently rounded edges spaced 1/2” apart for heat circulation, mounted on S4S Western Red cedar 2” x 4” supports starting at 1-1/2” above level sloping up to 4” and back down to 1-1/2” to provide maximum comfort to the legs. Perfect after a good run or a long day on your feet. Let the gentle heat massage those tired calves and thighs.

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Model Essentials 475
Shipping Weight 6 lbs